(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too. Got this idea from Derek Sivers. It’s basically a central place to tell people what you are up to and to refocus yourself in case you lose focus.)


Focussed on building an educational learning experience. Find out more about it here.

Improving my sales skills by selling beautifully designed e-bikes.

Writing for my Lacrosse platform and sharing my thoughts on how to live a meaningful and happy life here.


Went back to the University of Münster to learn about information system and coding.


Just moved into a shared flat with 5 older flatmates who are very open minded and fun. Really enjoy the new-found community also in the part of the city where I live: Hansaviertel.


Trying to live more intentional with technology: No messages, emails until 12 am and phone on flightmode after 9 pm.

Got inspired from the book “Make Time” to choose a Highlight and focus on it every day.

Updated 17th of July 2020 – Münster, Germany.