A dystopian story from the future where a word state is formed on bioengineered citizens. Humans are genetically engineered and conditioned into a specific caste of the social hierarchy with the goal to build stability and make everyone happy. It makes you think about the idea that happiness should be the ultimate goal and about the ethics of bioengineering. This world order is challenged by characters in the plot.

Difficult English read but a great story and sad parallels to modern society. Everyone is trying to be happy all the time, negative emotions like sadness are suppressed to hold up a specific image about oneself. I think the beauty of life and the meaning of being human is to experience the full range of emotions in our undertakings as a social animal.

If you like the book, you can buy it here.

I am reading A LOT of books lately and to remember more of what I read, I summarize them and give my thoughts on it. I thought why not share it with you. If you buy the book through the links at the end of the post, I might get a little bit of commission at no charge to you.

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