A book that fires you up to embrace a more minimalistic and simple life to be happier. The author makes the case that most of the stuff we own is to impress other people. Instead of always looking for what we are missing, we should embrace the things we already own, thereby embracing the really important things. Always wanting more is having us drown in things and data whereas these circumstances only contribute 10% to our happiness (50% are genetically and 40% is our behavior: what we do and with whom we do it with.)

Minimalism allows us to have more time for the 40%: It has us enjoy life more, let’s us experience more freedom, has us not compare ourselves to others anymore, opens ourselves up to new opportunities, let’s us be our real self (not the self we pretend to be with our stuff), saves energy and stuff and thereby the environment. It also helps us to be healthier, improves our interpersonal relationships, helps us enjoy the moment, and makes us be grateful for what we have. It keeps us from hedonic adaptation because with little stuff we are happy with what we have, thus increasing our happiness in the moment.

So what?
I really enjoyed the book and binge-read it in 5 days. One night when reading it, I even got up out of bed, got a trash bag and collected 2 kg of “trash” from my room. That was such an awesome feeling. There is a lot of truth in the book and I now think Minimalism is the simplest way of stopping to search for happiness and just being happy.

If you are interested you can buy it here.

I am reading A LOT of books lately and to remember more of what I read, I summarize them and give my thoughts on it. I thought why not share it with you. If you buy the book through the links at the end of the post, I might get a little bit of commission at no charge to you.

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