I just finished the book “The Why Are You Here Cafe: A New Way of Finding Meaning in Your Life and Your Work”. While I would consider myself quite reflective in the way that I think, this book has blown my mind.

In the book a stressed businessman gets of the road and arrives at a coffee place that is quite different from normal coffee places. On the back of the cafe’s menu the guy encounters three questions.

  1. Why are you here?
  2. Are you afraid of death?
  3. Are you living a fullfilled life?

According to the owner in the coffee place, you will find your reason for existence if you continuously ask yourself those questions. And if you find this “reason for existence” you will life much happier life than before.

Sounds quite simple, right?

However, the reality is quite different. We are so caught up in our lifes that we don’t take the time to reflect on those questions. Essentially, society has taught us that we have to get a good education in order to get a good job, that pays enough money, so that we can buy things that make us happy.

Do you see a flaw in this argumentation?

Society tells us that if we buy this and that, it will make us happy. But if you look at it closely – we work in a job we might not like to be able to pay bills and buy things that are told to make us happy. This in turn leads us to have to work more, which eventually makes us unhappier, and we have to buy more things to become happy again. A vicious circle.

Wouldn’t it be much better to find someting that makes us happy while doing it? Our happiness would be much less dependent on possessions and we would have much more energy because we would always thrive for what makes us happy.

Also, regarding the second question, we would not be afraid of death. Think about it, the reason why we are afraid of death is that we are afraid to miss out on things that we always wanted to do. However, you will not be afraid of missing out on something, if you have done it already or if you are doing it every day.

Thoughts like this are the reasons why I want to start this blog.

I feel like I am thinking and talking about various topics and ideas alone and with friends, however, I never write them down to reflect on them later on.

Therefore, the goal for this blog is quite personal: I want to reflect on topics that are affecting my life, discuss and develop ideas,  and consequently offer my perspective on various issues.

This, so I hope, will get me closer to figuring out what my “reason for existence” actually is and will help me to live a more fullfilled life.


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